Saturday, February 26, 2011

and the winner is....

ALISHA HUGHES!!! :) i am just thrilled that you get to experience a little bit of texas homecooking in the midst of our yucky midwestern winter :/

our results were tabulated by the website - i put in the total number of comments and it chose one quite randomly for me :) no favorites here, my friends! (no offense, alisha. you might be my favorite. don't tell the others...) :)

enjoy your saturday! my sweet family and i are taking a field trip to chick-fil-a (the closest one is an HOUR away - i know right?! it's a travesty i tell ya...) and our monthly jaunt to trader joe's! love that place!! i look forward to settling in later today to get "part 3" on the blog. love you girls!



  1. WOAH!! WHAT!?! Are you serious!? I almost felt like, "I'm not reading this right!" :) Next, I would like to sign up to win a surprise trip to Chik-Fil-A with you. If you can just stick me in your trunk next time you go that would be great. ;) Love ya girl. OH yeah, and, your secret is safe with me. No worries. I'll never make a big deal about being your favorite in public...just maybe online is all.

  2. Have you gad the TJ chocolate lava cakes? Um, to die for!

  3. Love your blog! And I can't believe CFA is an hour away!! LOL. We are 5 minutes from ours! Miss you neighbor!