Saturday, March 19, 2011

and the winner is....

KELLY! i tried to click on your profile to gather info but i was denied access! :) so, sweet kelly, hopefully i will hear from you by tomorrow morning or i may have to redraw another random number :( we don't want that to happen! can't wait to hear from you! and congratulations!

wow! another beautiful day in the neighborhood, i can't help but draw a spiritual parallel - one of the reasons why, i believe, God allows us to go through the dead of winter, the seasons of zero growth, the bitter cold, is to allow us to appreciate SO MUCH MORE the beauty and refreshing of renewal, new life, His provision in making ALL THINGS NEW. i found a fabulous song the other day by jon foreman (lead singer of "switchfoot") called "white as snow", based on King David's 51st Psalm, written after his affair with bathsheba. it is powerful and it is my heart's cry today. check it out on and let me know what you think.

enjoy your day, sweet girls - my eldest daughter has a big time basketball tournament this afternoon but i will check in later with you all :)


p.s. kelly! email me your info to THANKS!

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  1. I won!! I can't wait to paint my pale Indiana toes. Thanks! I sent you and email.