Saturday, April 16, 2011

ain't no rain gonna slow THIS girl down! :)

it's chilly, it's rainy, it's windy... (welcome to chicago.) but we are NOT letting it dampen our spirits today (pun fully intended!) :)

i've got 3 cute girls buzzing around in the early morning hours, ready for the day's adventure! what a blessing to be able to do this with my sweet girls - growing up, my dad was a teacher and a coach for several years and then worked with a faith-financed ministry so our income was modest at best. i never felt at want while growing up - i always had everything i needed and a few things i wanted even :) (an atari, a cabbage patch kid, a cool bike with a silver sparkly banana seat, you get the jist.) but i am so fortunate to have a husband who has steady employment (barring any major government shutdowns!) and works very hard to provide for our family. tell your hubby thanks today for all he does for your family (trust me, girls. it is hard when it's not reciprocated but God calls us to submission and to respect our husband, regardless of his response. you can't get around that.) i have found that it will revolutionize your relationship in the best way possible. :)

so off we go to the big city!!! :) will try to post pics later - pray for our safety and clear skies!!

ANNNNNNND we have TWO winners from yesterday's big giveaway!

CONGRATS kristi skeen and jill keiser!!!! :) i can't wait for you to check out this book - i pray it encourages you as much as it has me. and it's FUNNY. i like FUNNY. :)

love y'all! enjoy your weekend - praying you find time for rest, for fun, some alone time, and some sweet family time as well :)



  1. The song playing is "Saturday in the Park" - how funny! I like funny, too. Y'all have a fabulous day and awesome birthday partee!!

  2. Congrats to the winners! I don't know Kristi, but Jill will be so excited and she desrves to win with all she does for our girls!! I'm sure they will both enjoy the book! Have a wonderful day everyone!! I think I'll clean some closets!

  3. Ohmigosh - I won! (picture me walking up to the stage in my Vera Wang gown). I'd like to thank the Academy. My fans. My family. And a huge THANK YOU to my sweet friend Jen Crane. This would not have been possible without YOU!! I hope you have an amazing day in the city and I hope little Laney has a blast!! Love you!!

  4. Yay! I saw I won early Sat morning, just before we headed to Fort Wayne for Addison's bowling tournament and haven't been on the computer since then! Talk about withdrawls! Thank you so much! I'm so excited to dive into this book. We just got home & I'm a little overwhelmed by my 43 emails, but this one was a good one!