Friday, May 27, 2011

i'm abnormal. and i like it. :)

earlier this week, makenna, my 5th grader, asked if she could go to the movies this friday night with a friend. i asked if her parents were going and to which movie they would be going. she wasn't sure so she said she would find out and let me know. i realized this morning that i hadn't heard an update so i asked her about the movies tonight and what the plan might be. she said "oh, i'm not going." and i asked why? she said "i dont want to go. well, i WANT to go but they are just being dropped off and they're going to see 'something borrowed'."

ok now, is it just me or is this HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE for 5th graders to be dropped off at the movie theater, not to mention going to see a movie where the main premise is a girl who steals her "best friend's" fiancee and proceeds to have a secret sexual relationship with him?!??? ummm, WHAT?? and can i just say how PROUD i am of my daughter?? i have to be honest with you, back in the day, i probably would have "forgotten" to mention the absence of parental supervision or the movie of choice... and then i think about their "role models" today - rihanna, britney spears, katy perry, ke$ha (a dollar sign? really?) lady gaga... my heart literally aches for these girls right now. (both our girls AND the "role models") am i overreacting or are these feelings justified? (honestly, it doesn't matter what the consensus is, i'm sticking to my guns here.) it is up to US, as parents, to protect our babies' hearts and minds for as long as possible - call me old fashioned, call me a fuddy-duddy, but i refuse to subject her to the CRAP that our culture claims is "okay" and "normal". i pride myself on being abnormal and i am striving for that with my sweet girls, too. :)

hang in there, moms (and dads!) we can do this!



  1. weirdo!! i LOVE it. :) and i may step on a few toes here....but, i'm even putting a stop to the disney channel here at our house. i know, GASP! iCarly for example, seems pretty harmless on the surface. except for the fact that the only permanent "adult" influence the characters have is the moronic brother and most other adults in the show are, more often than not, the butt of some ridiculous (read: disrespectful) joke. not to mention the amount of lying and manipulation that goes on in each episode. is THIS what i want my 5th grader absorbing? the suite life is another one with a cast of bumbling, idiotic adults. i don't get it!!

  2. I am abnormal too! I have quit letting the kids watch Cartoon Network, except for Looney Toons. From the Disney Channel I only allow Mickey Mouse and Little Einstiens. I don't do any Nick shows, and have started recording sitcoms like "The Cosby Show", "Full House", and "The Brady Bunch". We all pile in with popcorn and have a Cosby Show marathon. I can't stand any of the "kid" shows! They are full of disrespectful kids and kids who think they deserve everything handed to them.

    There is NO way I would drop any of my kids off at a theater...or anywhere else. Not even the 12 year old. I just don't trust other people. My 10 year old daughter has only been to 1 sleepover, and I know the parents from church. My oldest son has never had a sleepover at another house.

    I don't even want to get started on the music! They listen to it on the bus. Samantha decided to buy a song on iTunes. I listened to the song, and thought it seemed ok. Then I saw the album cover when it played on my phone. I was disgusted, and took it off her ipod.

    I read the plugged in movie reviews, and if there is any sex at all in a movie, my kids will not see it. I actually had a problem with the innuendo in the new Pirates movie. I know my middle kids didn't pick it up, but my 12 year old son did.

    Can I just say YAY for Makenna?! You are doing a GREAT job!

  3. I would be SOOOOO proud!! So YES you are right on! What a great gal. We have also seen something borrowed, and NO, it is NOT appropriate for 5th graders... NOR do I think teenagers should be watching it!! :-/ I shudder to think what is in our future as to what we are going to have to protect our boys and our little girl from!! AND... I have seen that in many very popular stores it is hard to find modest, sweet clothing that don't look "skank"-like or crazy trendy!! Well, what an encouragement to you Momma. I know that brought you such joy to know she made that decision all by her sweet self!!

  4. if you are old fashioned so am i! it blows my mind what people are calling "kid" shows now. my hubby and watched robin hood last night for the first time (the one with russel crowe, not the cartoon. we are not THAT behind the times) and i could not believe that it was rated pg13. the innuendos of one night stands, and getting drunk. i wouldn't even want my 13 year old (when she is 13, shes only 8 now) to watch it. what are people thinking. Can we PLEASE keep the little in our girls?! Good job mom, your daughter would not have had the umf to say no if it wasn't for you.way to go makenna, stick to your guns and stay little.

  5. I am completely on the same page with you and all of the lovely ladies who have commented already. I am seeing a lot of inappropriate things already with my 7 year old son! Some of the boys in his class are allowed to play M for Mature video games...I don't know about you but I have yet to see a 7 year old boy that could be described as mature! It is no wonder that there are so many people with rage of so many kinds..."road rage", "line rage", "I didn't get my way rage"...they are taught from such a young age that the way to handle a conflict is to use violence or that violence is not a big deal. It breaks my heart. I am seriously considering not letting Michael ride the bus next year because of the things he has "learned" and came home to ask me about. Thank God that we have open communication but it upsets me so much to hear that he is being told about things that I don't even think I knew about until I was at least 11 or 12 if that. I think something that I consistently emphasize with my kiddos is that they have choices in life but that all choices come with consequences both good and bad. I also tell them that my main job is to raise them to be Godly men and women and sometimes they are not going to like what I have to say but I have God to answer to and he entrusted me with their lives so I take it very seriously. I can see that you have done the same with the girls and what a testament that is to your parenting! Making that decision for herself is a life skill that you are imparting on your daughter that will serve her well forever. I liken it to the "if you teach a man to fish" proverb. There were so many of those skills that I believe I missed when I was growing up and I am determined to do my best to teach my sons and daughter those to the best of my ability. God bless your sweet family Jen and the amazing hope and encouragement you are giving to mommies like me who need it. I love you dear friend! :)